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About the Dance

Kizomba is a music & dance style from Angola, Africa, that has been winning the hearts of dancers & invading Latin socials around the globe.


Kizomba was mainly derived from an upbeat & playful Angolan dance called Semba, & takes inspiration from other African music forms as well as Caribbean zouk.  The name Kizomba comes from the Angolan word for party, although the song & dance, with its close partner connection & smooth, grounded movement, is known to have a slower, more sensual feel than most of its ancestors.  It's much like an African Tango.  In Kizomba, there's not just one, but several basic steps, & these steps aren't restricted to specific counts, allowing leaders a great deal of versatility to connect with the music.

As with all dances, Kizomba has evolved into many styles as it spread, first to Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, & other Lusuphone (Portuguese-speaking) countries, then to France where both Ghetto Zouk & Urban Kiz originated.  Ghetto Zouk is a modern, sometimes electronic sub genre of Kizomba music, & Urban Kiz is an extremely popular incarnation of Kizomba dance, characterized by more linear movement, straighter legs & upright stance, as well as more frequent breaks & syncopations.  Urban Kiz dancers often incorporate moves inspired by Argentine tango, hip hop, & sensual bachata, which no doubt lend to the attraction that fuels this style's growing popularity.

A Few Recommended Artists:

C4 Pedro, DJODJE, Filho do Zua, Jean Louis...

1st Thursdays @ Art of Dance
11018 Old St. Augustine Rd
Exploring Kizomba

Brought to you by our resident Kizomba aficionados John & Denise, our new monthly 2 hour workshop is designed to help Latin dancers who are new to this sensual African dance to feel more comfortable enjoying Kizomba at socials.


Each class starts off by breaking down the fundamentals of Kizomba, & will then explore different imperative topics such as improving your musicality, technique, body movement, & understanding of the music.


Instruction will include techniques & exercises to improve everyone's skills, regardless of level or background, & each class will conclude with practice time to solidify your new skills.

Next Kizomba Class: TBA

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