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About the Dance

Rueda de Casino Salsa, which translates to "Wheel of Cuban Salsa," is a fun group dance that originated in the casinos (dance halls) of Cuba in the late 50s & has recently grown in popularity around the world.


Rueda can be danced to any salsa song.  Dancers pair up & form a circle, & a designated caller signals various moves that everyone executes in unison.  Many of the moves involve partner changes, & dancers quickly work their way around the circle, dancing with everyone in what feels like an awesome musical game.   While there are several standard rueda moves that stay consistent wherever you go, rueda groups traditionally add their own original moves, so there's always more to learn!  Several rueda moves can also be used outside the circle to add some Cuban flavor to your social dancing.


Rueda is guaranteed to be tons of fun, so come check it out!

Rueda Classes
Intermediate Boot Camp
Sun Aug 27
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Rueda at the Park
Beginner Boot Camp
Sat Aug 26

Beginner Rueda Boot Camp

Sat Aug 27 1:00pm - 4:00pm

@ Avondale Dance Directions

1080 Edgewood Ave S

Join the dance circle with this special fun-packed 3 hour boot camp!

♬ All levels welcome; dance experience not necessary. We'll start with basics, & by the time you leave you'll be ready to jump into a level 2 circle, at least!

♬ No partner? No problem! We'll be rotating partners throughout the dance.

♬ No need to pre-register. Just show up and we'll get you signed up at the door.

♬ Complementary snacks; Outside food also welcome. We know you'll be dancing up an appetite!

$30 at the door OR 2 stamps on your DSJ punch card!

Party Ice Breakers
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