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Dance Salsa Jax (DSJ) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated
to spreading the love and positive energy of Latin dancing to Jacksonville, FL.

Created in 2005 by the very talented Isaiah Meders & Angie Brito, DSJ was the very first social salsa school in Jacksonville.  Now, under the direction of Ally Knight, a small team of passionate dance instructors keep DSJ going not for the money, but rather for the love of dance & for the opportunity to pass on the positive influence that was once given to them.


Over the years, DSJ has taken both professional & amateur performance teams to various charity events, socials, & congresses across the country.  DSJ has also done events for high schools, comedy clubs, weddings, retirement homes, for students with hearing & vision disabilities through the Independent Living For The Adult Blind (ILAM) program, & more.

At our studio, we firmly believe that dancing is not about being the best or showing off; it's about feeling the music, expressing yourself to it, enjoying it with the person you're dancing with, & simply having fun! Classes at DSJ are affordable, fun, & friendly.  We focus on providing students with a very strong foundation of technique and the tools you need to add your own personal flavor to the dance floor, as well as a safe & comfortable environment in which to learn.  We have the best progressive beginner programs in the region, as well as the most extensive intermediate programs, & our advanced classes are constantly bringing new, innovative moves to the Jax scene.  Our instructors are patient, work at your speed, & truly care about their students.  Once you walk through our door, you're family!

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