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About the Dance

Cha Cha is essentially salsa On2 with a syncopation.  Born in the early 50s when the syncopated triple step (like in swing) was added to the mambo on the 4&5 & 8&1 beats, the dance was originally called the Triple Mambo.  The name Cha Cha Cha came from the sound of the distinctive guiro instrument & of the dancer’s heals as they shuffled on the triple step.  Cha Cha is known for being flirty, it can be slow & sensual, or may have a fun & spunky attitude (like Boogaloo, which originated in the 60s in response to the British Invasion.)


We teach social style Cha Cha, which is very different from ballroom style Cha Cha.  In ballroom style, the chasse (the “cha cha cha” part) is done to the side, traveling a great distance to make use of an open dance floor, whereas socially it is forwards/backwards so dancers can maintain a slot in a crowded club.  The moves in social style Cha Cha are very similar to social salsa; there are generally no open breaks, which are trademark of the ballroom style & designed to present to a judge.

A Few Recommended Artists:

Adalberto Santiago, Camilo Azuquita, Celia Cruz...

Cha Cha & On2 Classes
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Advanced Cha Cha
Intro to On2 & ChaCha
 -for Int/Adv On1 Salseros

Add a new flavor to your salsa!
We'll break down how to incorporate all
your favorite On1 steps, moves, & patterns to On2 timing!

Still new to Salsa?
Learning multiple timings at once can be confusing, so we recommend giving yourself some time getting to know
On1 Salsa first.

Next Cha Cha & On2 Classes: TBD

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