I'm new! Where do I start?

Check out our Calendar & look for either Week A1 or B1, Level 1. No need to register in advance, just drop in!

If you want to scope us out & get a feel for what you're getting yourself into, come check out our Latin Addiction Parties! Everyone is welcome, & if you come early you can catch a class for all levels at 8:30pm.

Do I need to register?

Nope! Just show up, sign in, & get dancing!

What are the prices?

Do you take cash, cards, or checks?

Yes, Yes, & Yes.
We can take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover.
Please make checks out to our director, Ally Knight.

Where are you located?

Avondale Dance Directions
1080 Edgewood Ave South
(Back side of the Murray Hill Plaza, just North of Roosevelt)

What are your hours?

Check out our Calendar for our current schedule.

I have previous experience from another studio. How do I know which class to jump into?

We have a special for you! Get unlimited classes your first month for just $35! This way you can take them all & get a feel for where you're at within our sylabus. It doesn't hurt to take beginner's while you're at it to strengthen your foundation & make sure you don't miss out on any crucial techniques that might help you along the way. Then stay for the intermediate & advanced classes if you're up for the challenge! It's the best bang for your buck. Feel free to ask any one of our instructors to dance with you and assess how you're doing.

Do I need a partner?

Nope! We've got you covered! We always rotate partners in class. Dancing with a variety of people is crucial for developing & maintaining good lead & follow technique, & this way you get to dance with & make friends with everyone, too!

What do I wear?

Classes are very casual. Some people wear jeans, some wear gym clothes, & others dress up for fun. Whatever makes you comfortable! Actual dance shoes are not mandatory. Ideally you want shoes that are comfortable, flexible, secure, & slide well. We don't recommend flip flops (which can trip you up) or running shoes (which grip the floor & make it hard to spin.)

Where can I find dance shoes?

In Town:
Make Believe @ 1855 Parental Home Rd
Make Believe @ 10950 San Jose Blvd
or Dance N' Stuff @ 8011 Merrill Rd


The Duct Tape Trick:
Have a pair of shoes that look hot but just don't slide?
Try putting duct tape on the bottoms! (Seriously, it works!)

Dance Socks:
Cloth bracelets for your shoes to make them easier to spin in!
Find them on Amazon!
Many students love to use these on their sneakers in class!

Where can I go try out my new skills?

1. Our Parties & Socials!
2. Other Local Latin Nights!
3. Out of town Field Trips! Check out our Calendar for upcoming events. One of the great things about Latin dancing is that most any city around the world will have a Latin night you can go to! If you're traveling, you can try asking The MOB (an international web of dancers) where to find dancing at your destination! In fact, there's even a group called DanceAir that will help you find dances at the airport!

How do I know when I've mastered a move?

You have mastered a move when you can consistantly, smoothly, & comfortably lead/follow it both with & without a partner, from all major hand holds, back to back amongst other moves. If you are unsure whether or not you've mastered all the moves in a level, feel free to ask any of our instructors to dance with you & assess how you're doing.

You are not required to completely master a level before taking the next level class. However, we will expect you to be familiar with & be able to execute all the moves that have preceded that level.

Also, keep in mind that on the social dance floor, people you dance with will tend to be more impressed by a few well mastered moves than by a vast assortment of semi-mastered moves. (It's not what you do, it's how you do it!) Thus, even if you start studying the next level of moves, don't stop working on moves from the previous level.

How can I entice more people to ask me to dance?

1. If you're sitting on the sidelines playing on your phone, munching away, or in deep conversation, people will generally asume you're busy. Get off your seat & try doing your basic on the side of the dance floor. People will feel more confident about asking you to dance if they see you jamming out. 2. Be sure to smile when you dance. No matter what your level, everyone enjoys dancing with someone who's exuding positive energy! 3. Be the best dancer you can be. Try taking class or private lesson to make sure you feel smooth to your dance partners. Don't forget, it's perfectly acceptable for girls to ask guys to dance, too!

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do!
Privates are a great way to advance quickly, focus on technique, & get that extra attention to detail. Private lessons are $60 an hour & held at the St. John's Town Center. Text Ally at 904-377-3437 to schedule one today!